Christian Bankruptcy Attorney in New York City

Working with a Christian bankruptcy lawyer in New York City can be especially important for our clients that are in need of debt relief but worried about the spiritual consequences of filing bankruptcy. As a Christian attorney I’ve been asked many times by those in my church if it is morally acceptable to file bankruptcy, or if it is a sin to do so. We don’t feel the need to preach to our fellow Christians, but we believe the debt forgiveness principles found in the bankruptcy code to be entirely in accord with the teachings of the bible. Deuteronomy 15:1-2 even makes reference to the Lord’s Release which instructs our creditors to purge our debt every 7 years.

The decision to file for bankruptcy in New York is tough for anyone, but it creates a real religious struggle for Christians who may feel as though they have failed God by squandering the financial good fortune He gave them. They may also feel especially guilty about the fact that some of their creditors might never be repaid. In a confusing twist some Christian clients have even claimed that bankruptcy is forbidden by the bible.

Our office is not there to replace a priest or a pastor. We work in tandem with your spiritual leader to help get you to a better place in your life. They focus on the health of your soul, and we will focus on the health of your finances so that your mind can be clear of worry and free of judgment. The fresh start that bankruptcy provides helps many of our religious clients turn inward to God once again, by freeing their spirit of toxic debt troubles and giving them more time to spend with their family and at church. This is how we help our community, and when we see the difference it makes for people we believe we are doing God’s work. We help our bankruptcy clients seek honest and legal remedies to their debt trouble. They are supported by the law as well as the bible.

Working with an attorney that shares your Christian beliefs can help you come to the right decision more quickly, and they will also give you spiritually acceptable legal advice. Your decision to file for bankruptcy should only be made after seeking the wisdom of your spiritual leader and praying to God to give you guidance. If you have done so and are ready to learn more about your bankruptcy options please contact the Law Offices of William Waldner online or at 212.244.2882 to arrange a free bankruptcy consultation today. If you have seen our most recent ad with St. Francis of Assisi please mention this to receive free credit counseling and comprehensive 3 bureau credit report at no additional cost to your bankruptcy case. God bless.

This article is intended for educational purposes only. By reading this no attorney-client privilege has been created.