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Which debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Recent job loss, mounting medical bills or perhaps some other unexpected money problem is taking control of your life.  You can’t pay; you’re sinking in debt through no fault of your own, and are desperately in need of a fresh start.  You have done your homework, and you know that bankruptcy is the best option […]

What are the tax consequences of debt settlement?

Your financial situation is desperate, unpaid bills are piling up and the phone will not stop ringing with calls from your creditors. You finally notice one of the numerous debt settlement offers floating around that claims it can eliminate your debt for less than half of what you owe. This sounds great. You have never […]

Read This Before You Starting A Debt Consolidation Program

Many attorneys’ view “Debt Settlement” and “Debt Consolidation” programs to be scams. In fact, most experienced bankruptcy attorney’s have clients who previously signed up with one of these programs but end up in worse shape than they were in before. Many companies who provide these services end up under investigation and usually have a Better […]