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William Waldner Bankruptcy Attorney, Brooklyn NY

For the past 23 years, William Waldner Bankruptcy Attorney, Brooklyn has helped over 500 people discharge their debts through bankruptcy law, specializing in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, , and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

When Is It Appropriate to File for Bankruptcy?

When someone has gone so far behind on bill payments that they are unlikely to recoup, bankruptcy is a formal process to reconcile or legally discharge the duty of fulfilling financial debts to creditors. The goal of bankruptcy is to provide financial relief to individuals and families so that they can resume a regular way of life without losing everything they own.

Years ago, when creditors were thought to be more “fair” and banking operations were more controlled, declaring bankruptcy was seen as a “personal failure” or even a “character fault” due to inadequate financial management abilities. These identifications and labels are no longer valid.  

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Brooklyn

When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Brooklyn, you are instantly protected from creditors and wage garnishment, and your personal debts are usually dismissed (wiped clean) within three months of filing. You must pass the means test and attend credit counseling to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Brooklyn.

Typically, chapter 7 bankruptcy requires a person to liquidate their assets in order to repay their creditors as much as possible before the remaining debt is wiped clean, but there are many exceptions, and hiring an experienced Brooklyn bankruptcy lawyer is your best bet for eliminating credit card debt, medical bills, and personal loans while keeping valuable assets such as your house, car, sentimental heirlooms, or property.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Brooklyn

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, also known as “reorganization bankruptcy” is a form of debt relief intended to help married couples or individuals who are overwhelmed with debt, but make too much money to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcies, or who have substantial equity in real estate.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, retaining the services of a Brooklyn Bankruptcy attorney to assist you in filing Chapter 13 can prevent foreclosure and keep you in your home. With Chapter 13, you repay a portion of your debt to your creditors interest-free over the course of 3 to 5 years. With a few exceptions, such as student loans, your remaining debt is discharged when the repayment period expires. The benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy include debt reduction, a manageable repayment plan, and the ability to keep non-exempt assets that would normally be liquidated in Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

High Quality, Low Cost Bankruptcy Attorney Brooklyn

To better serve to clients, William Waldner dedicates his law practice solely to bankruptcy cases, offering clients unparalleled experience and expertise in personal finance and debt relief. Unlike other Brooklyn bankruptcy attorneys who delegate the bulk of their services to paralegals, William Waldner personally handles every aspect of each case. This decreases costs; increases quality and can ultimately save clients thousands of dollars in attorney fees, restitution to creditors, and protection of personal property.

Free Legal Advice on Brooklyn Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

William Waldner Bankruptcy Lawyer of Brooklyn free legal advice to people considering bankruptcy as a form of debt relief. If you need help surmounting extensive credit card debt, saving your home from foreclosure, stopping collection efforts, or simply want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of filing for Brooklyn bankruptcy, call (212) 244-2882 or contact The Law Office of William W. Waldner by using our online contact form. for a free in-depth consultation with William Waldner. During your free consultation, you will learn if filing for chapter 7 bankruptcies or chapter 13 bankruptcies is the best strategy for your situation.

5 Star Reviews

Diane E photo

Diane E.


I worked with William on an extremely difficult and stressful bankruptcy case. William is terrific! Responsive and caring attorney who got a very bizarre situation resolved for me, was able to work with my mortgage company and get me my life back! Even long after my case was discharged he continues to be there for questions and support to the point where I now consider him a treasured college and dare I say friend. Very knowledgeable in bankruptcy law, super communicative and caring.

Rohan M

Rohan M.


With my experience, you've done a great job, everything went quickly and Smooth. Your explanation and guidance was clear and very easy to follow. I was very satisfied and would highly recommend your law firm.

Luis T photo

Luis T.


My experience with the Law Office of William Waldner was extremely beneficial. The process for me was frightening at first but Mr. Waldner made me feel at ease. It was a great experience during which he helped me by explaining everything clearly, working with me on payments, which were affordable. The entire atmosphere was professional, quick and efficient. Everything was fast and simple and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Chris Z photo

Chris Z.


I finally found an honest, experienced and affordable attorney in NYC. I Interviewed a few dozen before I found Mr. Waldner and in my opinion he is the best.

Shawn H

Shawn H.


My experience with William Waldner was more than excellent - it was fantastic! From my first consultation meeting to the actual hearing, he always made me feel at ease and gave me all the information and tools I needed to feel 100% confident that my case would be a slam dunk. He was attentive and had genuine interest and concern for my individual case, while at the same time managed to be efficient and respond to my questions and concerns very quickly. All of this being said and after much research into other attorneys, his fee was very reasonable. With William's help, I can now focus on my future and I am on track to achieve financial freedom.

Steven S photo

Steven S.


I assisted a close friend during her bankruptcy experience and discovered the William Waldner office in midtown Manhattan. Mr Waldner thoroughly explained the bankruptcy process, reviewed options and patiently walked her through the process. He is a highly skilled professional, client focused and accommodated my friend, who is plagued with health problems. We highly recommend William Waldner.

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