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Trouble Paying Your Rent On Time? A New York Eviction Attorney Can Help

  When you’re going through financial difficulties, it’s not unusual to fall behind on your bills and rent payments. Once the bills start piling up, being threatened by your landlord is the last thing you need. This only creates more stress during a time when you’re trying to get your finances on track. Fortunately, there […]

Debt Collectors Can Soon Contact You By Email, Text or Social Media

The COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll on Americans. Not only is it affecting the mental and physical health of American adults, teens and children, but also it’s making it difficult for people to pay their bills. Over 70 million people have bills in collections and nearly 32% have collections accounts on their credit reports.  […]

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Bankruptcy

We all know the odds when it comes to starting a small or independent business. About 1 in 5 won’t make it past the first year, and less than half make it past the five-year mark. After ten years, fewer than a third of small businesses are still going.   And the two-thirds that don’t […]