Bankruptcy in Yonkers NY is often seen as a last resort option, but it can be your life raft to get back on solid ground and make that fresh financial start.

We’ve all heard horror stories about filing for bankruptcy – credit scores taking hits or losing everything you own! Scary stuff… but let me tell ya’, these are more myth than fact!

Let’s get started on this journey to financial freedom! It may be intimidating, yet we’re here to back you up all the while. Let’s dive in and bust those myths together!

Understanding NY Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process that gives you relief from the debts you can’t pay. If you file for personal bankruptcy in Yonkers NY, you generally have two options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves selling off most of your assets to pay your creditors. There are exemptions that will allow you to keep important things like your home and your car, if you want. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep most of your assets, but you must repay your debts over a period of time. 

Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Yonkers NY is an important step, as you’ll need their experience and expertise to ensure a successful discharge. The right assistance will also make sure that your rights are protected within the NY bankruptcy court system and that you’re making informed decisions throughout your financial fresh start journey. 

Role of the Bankruptcy Lawyer

A competent lawyer will guide you through the bankruptcy process and ensure you are protected. The process kicks off with an automatic stay, which is an injunction that stops creditors from collecting debts against you. This is a huge relief for individuals going through bankruptcy, as they’re often being bombarded by phone calls, letters and emails from creditors. Once the automatic stay goes into effect, you should not hear from your creditors. If you do, tell them that you are in the process of bankruptcy, and direct them to your attorney. 

NY Bankruptcy and Your Debts

Filing for bankruptcy in New York is like hitting a financial reset button. It’s not a magic wand, but it can discharge debts such as credit cards, temporarily stop foreclosures or repossessions, and even prevent wage garnishment.

Impact on Credit Score

Your credit score may take a hit when you file for bankruptcy. Though filing for bankruptcy may initially damage your credit score, it could be a better option than allowing debt to continue impacting your rating in the long run.

In fact, over time you’ll likely see an improvement because discharged debts no longer negatively impact your score. 

Dischargeable vs Non-dischargeable Debts

You should know there are certain types of debt that won’t disappear with a wave of the bankruptcy wand. Student loans typically fall under this category – they’re notoriously tough to shake off. And so do child support payments; these obligations stick around like gum on hot pavement.

If you have car loans though, don’t panic just yet. These usually qualify as dischargeable debt which means they could potentially vanish during the process.

Type of DebtStatus after Bankruptcy Filing (Typically)
Credit Cards/Car Loans:Potentially Discharged.
Student Loans/Child Support Payments:No dice…usually still owed post-bankruptcy.

Remember, every situation is unique. For New Yorkers considering bankruptcy, consulting an experienced lawyer is recommended to understand the implications of their particular case.


Navigating the stormy seas of debt can be tough…

But you’ve now learned how NY bankruptcy works, its potential as a life raft towards financial freedom. You’ve got to know about different types and their suitability based on your situation.

You also learned the importance of a competent lawyer in this legal journey…

The relief that an automatic stay brings, halting creditors from knocking at your door… And remember those myths we busted? Bankruptcy doesn’t mean losing everything or ruining your credit score forever!

In fact, it could offer a fresh start if handled correctly.

Avoid taking hasty decisions and seek professional advice before jumping into filing for bankruptcy. After all, every case is unique just like you! Schedule your free consultation today with The Law Office of William Waldner