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Do I Really Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in Yonkers NY?

While bankruptcy has a significant impact on your credit score, it is repairable. With time and responsible financial practices, you can improve your creditworthiness. Fortunately, you’ll learn a lot about creating a budget, establishing an emergency fund and demonstrating responsible credit behavior through your credit counseling class, which is part of the bankruptcy process.     […]

Navigating Bankruptcy Laws in Brooklyn NY: Key Considerations and Legal Insights

When you’re facing overwhelming debt, bankruptcy can offer the lifeline you’re looking for. Even though some people are hesitant to file bankruptcy, this process is intended to help those going through financial hardship. Rather than digging yourself into a deeper hole, you can get the fresh start you need.    That being said, the bankruptcy […]

Don’t Let A Spouse’s Bankruptcy Rob Your Refund

This article was orignally published in Forbes. For the original article click here Picture this: Your spouse’s small business goes bankrupt, and your spouse along with it. (Or worse: You go bankrupt, and you have to tell your spouse about it.) You hang on to the house and some other assets that are in your […]

What Happens To Your Business Assets In A Personal Bankruptcy?

This article was originally published on Forbes. For the original article click here In my last article, we saw what can happen when a business bankruptcy intrudes on personal finances — with potentially disastrous consequences for an innocent spouse. But what if you’re facing personal bankruptcy despite owning and operating a successful business? And what better […]

The Essentials Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This article was originally published in Forbes. For the original article click here Right off the bat, let’s dispense with bankruptcy’s stigma. While the notion of erasing valid debts and starting fresh doesn’t sit well with everyone, it’s a concept as old as Moses. More than that, bankruptcy is an essential tool for a market […]