If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, it is important to understand the legal process and your options under the Bankruptcy Code. In this blog post, we will discuss the state of bankruptcy filings and creative ways we can improve your credit after bankruptcy. We will also discuss how we can help with student loans.

As you can probably tell, the COVID pandemic has hurt our economy, and it could get worse. Now is the time to cut ties with your debt and move forward in a positive direction. We can help with that.

By understanding these key concepts surrounding declaring bankruptcy and navigating through the complex legal system with proper financial planning can help you make informed decisions about your financial future. Let’s get started!

Consumer Bankruptcy filings are way up.

The COVID pandemic has caused a significant increase in consumer bankruptcy filings. The economic recession and soaring inflation have caused many businesses to close, resulting in a mass of unemployed individuals. Many of these individuals are now struggling with credit card debt that is compounded by rising interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.

My workplace has seen a marked uptick in activity lately. My office has seen an uptick with clients in need of help to manage their finances and using Chapter 7 or 13 of the US Bankruptcy Code to protect against foreclosure by creditors. Sometimes, this can be the only way to prevent foreclosure on their home.

This uptick in bankruptcy filings shows we are in a recession. We must now consider the repercussions of this economic downturn and how we can safeguard ourselves from further fiscal distress.

We are likely in a recession

The current economic situation is dire. The economic downturn is such that it could take years to recover. All around, empty shops and vacant offices stand in stark contrast to the bustling activity of times past. Many are without jobs, working part-time for meager wages. News outlets often cannot differentiate between being unemployed vs. being underemployed. The media refers to anyone with a job as employed when many are actually “underemployed”.

Though the current economic climate may be daunting, it’s reassuring to know that you are not alone in your struggles. With the right guidance and support, filing for bankruptcy can be an empowering step towards financial freedom.

You are not alone-we have special solutions.

You are not alone. So many are finding it difficult to pay the bills, with filings for bankruptcy becoming more common. Do not despair – you can find a path to financial freedom and stability.

We understand at my office how hard these times can be for individuals who have lost their jobs or have unexpected medical bills. We offer free resources to help new clients improve their credit score and protect their bankruptcy discharge. Our lawyers are ready to offer you tailored advice, so that you can have the best opportunity for a new financial beginning.

Though the road may be difficult, you don’t have to take it on alone – we are here to help. Don’t let fear keep you from getting back on track – we’re here to help guide you through every step of the way towards financial freedom and peace-of-mind again.

One thing we can help you with is your credit. We give all of our new clients free access to the 720 credit score program. You can check out the program at https://www.720creditscore.com. We have another solution to make sure that the bankruptcy process properly removed your creditors from your credit report after you get your discharge. We will review your credit report after discharge to check if anything needs to be removed. If creditors are still in your report, we may take legal action to force them to.

We have options for student loans in bankruptcy. We can delay them for 5 years with a chapter 13 or try to have them discharged in an adversary proceeding. My office can also assist you in discharging student loans outside of bankruptcy. If you need help to get into an income-based repayment program, we can do that as well. We have also partnered with a law firm that can likely settle your private and federal student loans after a chapter 7 discharge.


It is essential to understand the current economic landscape and how it can affect your financial future. Bankruptcy can provide a solution to financial difficulties. There are legal professionals that specialize in consumer bankruptcy law and with an attorney could help you get back on track financially. It’s important to seek professional advice before deciding about filing for bankruptcy so you can make informed choices about what’s best for your unique situation.

Take the first step towards financial freedom and contact William Waldner’s Law Office today to discuss your options for filing bankruptcy. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you find a solution that works best for your unique situation.