What questions will the Bankruptcy Trustee ask at my 341 meeting of creditors in New York

Here is an outline of what to expect in Manhattan (Southern District of New York) and Brooklyn (Eastern District of New York) Bankruptcy meeting of creditors.

First, you will sit in a room with several other (usually 10 to 35 people) debtors waiting in line for there cases to be called.  The trustee will have different calendar calls (usually 9:30 is the first and 2:30 is the last).  At 9:30 the Bankruptcy trustee will call the first case.  Please note that if your case is set for 9:30 there are usually several other people with the same time and the 9:30 calendar can go far over the 12:30 calendar (plan on sitting for a few hours).  Once your case is called the trustee will ask for your license and social security card (originals are required).  Next, he will verify them and ask the attorney for his appearance.  The trustee will put the debtor under oath.  The trustee will then ask if there are any creditors who would like to ask questions (rare that there are any and the trustee will not let them ask many questions in the interest of time).  Now the trustee will start asking some basic questions about the petition.  Yes and no answers are greatly appreciated.  Similarly, exact dates are very helpful.  So, here are some sample questions:

1.  Have you read the Bankruptcy information sheet?

2.  Would you still like to file for bankruptcy?

3.  Is this your signature on the petition?

4.  Have you read the entire petition and would you like to make any changes to it?

5.  Have you ever owned any real property?

6.  Do you have a car?

7.  When is the last time you used a credit card?

8.  When is the last time you paid a credit card off?

9.  Do you have the right to sue anyone?

10.  Are you holding any property for someone or is anyone holding property for you?

11.  How did you get in this situation?

Then maybe a few direct questions about your petition.  Then usually the trustee will say have a nice day and you are finished!  Do not hesitate to contact my office if you have questions about this process (212-244-2882)