Once I Decide to File Bankruptcy in New York, What Should I Do to Prepare?

You are behind on your bills, and unable to pay your mounting credit card bills and unmanageable loans. Maybe you’re sick or injured, or maybe you are facing a levy on your bank account or even a wage garnishment. Your situation is desperate and you need financial relief. You have looked into your debt relief options and have concluded that bankruptcy is the clear and only choice to give you the fresh start you need. Now what? You are committed but what should you do to prepare?

You need to consult a qualified bankruptcy attorney first to make sure you are a good candidate for bankruptcy relief. Every case is unique and you want to be sure you will get the results you are looking for in your bankruptcy. It’s not important to overly prepare or fret about your meeting with a bankruptcy attorney. Don’t delay setting an appointment because you don’t feel like you have your things in order. Your attorney will tell you what they need from you at the consultation and will put you at ease about the process. If you can’t find some paperwork on a loan, are confused about an issue or can’t even remember who you owe money to don’t worry about it. A good attorney will be very thorough and will have ways to acquire everything needed for your case. You will be adequately protected, and your attorney will know what outcome to expect from your bankruptcy even if you are completely lost on your personal finances. It’s their job to help you, and to make sure you are safe in all aspects of your bankruptcy case. The attorney will make the process simple and smooth for you if you are honest and forthcoming with a basic understanding of your financial troubles.

Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool. It is the simplest way to legally eliminate all of your toxic debts while maintaining your valuable assets, and protecting your future. Working with an experienced bankruptcy firm in New York is essential to obtaining a positive outcome and to getting you on the road to financial recovery.

If you live in New York and need to find affordable bankruptcy help please give the Law Offices of William Waldner a call at 212-244-2882 to arrange a free bankruptcy consultation today. We will help you eliminate the stress from your financial troubles on day one. The process is not complicated and you will be in great hands and will know what to expect if you move forward with filing for bankruptcy. As of 8/31/16 we have a 99% discharge record in Chapter 7 bankruptcies in New York.


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