Is Filing Bankruptcy in New York City only for Bums?

New York City can be a tough place to make it, and people from all walks of life have money problems here. Just because you need bankruptcy protection doesn’t make you a bum. Bad things happen to good people, so there is nothing sadder than hearing clients say things like, “I’m such a bum for filing bankruptcy,” or “what will people think of me when they find out I’ve filed bankruptcy.” When you are down on your luck the last thing you need is to make yourself feel worse about getting help.

Look, the system is not fair. Regular hardworking people are being pushed to the fringes as big business and the super rich continue to profit and make things worse. Americans can no longer afford to save for a rainy day, and most families of are just one crisis from financial ruin. People get sick, lose their jobs, and fall behind on their bills, but the media, banks and credit card companies would have us all believe that getting help with your finances is bad. They want us to pay our bills even if it puts us on the streets. It’s quite ironic for them to tell us that only bums go bankrupt, when bankruptcy is the one thing that can actually keep you off the street. Bankruptcy is the only trump card most people can play in a messed up game intended to keep you in debt forever.

Speaking of trump, everyone has heard about how Donald Trump has had 4 of his businesses go bankrupt only to come back more successful each time, but did you also know Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, 50 Cent and Milton Hershey also needed the help of bankruptcy protection? Many lives were affected and much history was made because of the second chance these men were given, and no one is likely to call any of them a bum. Bankruptcy protection is your legal right. You are entitled to get help if you need it, and giving people a second chance is the American way. If you can pay your bills of course you should, but if there is no way out of debt then bankruptcy will help you, not hurt you. You could go on paying your bills in a desperate attempt to “do the right thing,” but you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. The banks, credit card companies, and lenders that run the show will be fine.

Protect yourself, and get the advice you need sooner than later. Delaying a needed bankruptcy can cost you dearly. To arrange a free bankruptcy consultation please contact the Law Offices of William Waldner online or at 212.244.2882. We mainly practice bankruptcy law in NY.

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