How to get out of Debt in New York City

Most of us were brought up to think of bankruptcy as a very negative thing, and something that should never be considered.  The idea that bankruptcy is bad has been pounded into New Yorkers for some time.  While bankruptcy is not the best solution for everyone, if you are deeply in debt with no change in sight it’s an option that should be looked into.  Most clients find bankruptcy to be the most powerful debt relief solution available for their situation, and the solution most likely to give them a true fresh start in life.

Things don’t always go as planned.  Many well intentioned people fall behind on their bills for many reasons.  Millions of Americans seek bankruptcy protection every year.  Despite the negative stereotypes, bankruptcy laws were created to help people, not punish them.  The fundamental idea behind bankruptcy is debt forgiveness.  The laws are intended to relieve you of your financial burdens, not to humiliate you, or take the shirt off your back.  Many successful people have needed bankruptcy protection at least once in their lives.  Without it they may have never gone on to build companies, create jobs or otherwise benefit society.  America believes in giving its fellow citizens a second chance.

Are there consequences to filing for bankruptcy in New York?  Of course, but with a good attorney most clients quickly see the benefits almost always outweigh the consequences.  Bankruptcy helps consumers save their homes, cars, retirement accounts and more while simultaneously eliminating hefty amounts of toxic credit card debts, personal loans and medical bills.  Other debt relief solutions not supported by law simply do not have the power to eliminate debt the way bankruptcy will.  Many alternative debt relief schemes are being advertised these days, but they often backfire and may leave you in more financial hardship in the long run.  Before looking in any alternative debt relief options do yourself a favor and arrange a free consultation with a real debt relief professional- a bankruptcy attorney.

Many attorneys in New York boast about the thousands of Chapter 7 cases they have filed, and will encourage anyone with any amount of debt to file bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy mills crank out Chapter 7 cases left and right in an automated fashion but they usually make clients feel lost in the shuffle.  They spend a lot on advertising and even make carefully worded guarantees about bankruptcy that have nothing to do with actually receiving a successful discharge.   Some will not even discuss your Chapter 13 options and may have no experience in converting Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 cases which can be absolutely necessary for some people.  Our firm on the other hand offers a one on one approach, constant communication, and a very detailed strategy for your specific case.  If you are really underwater rest assured you will receive the debt relief you need.  Our firm has a 99% Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge record as of 9/31/16.  Arrange a free consultation with the Law Offices of William Waldner online or by calling 212.244.2882.


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