How to get out of credit card debt overnight in New York City?

If you are like most New Yorkers today you are likely to have at least some credit card debt.  It is easy for credit card debt to get out of control quickly with all the hidden fees and unforeseen interest rate increases.  One late payment can start the trouble, and before you know it you can find yourself with an unmanageable amount of credit card debt.  When the letters start coming and the credit card companies won’t stop calling many consumers want to know if there is a way to eliminate this debt overnight.

The most powerful and commonly used way to quickly eliminate this out of control credit card debt in New York City is to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.  In many cases Chapter 7 bankruptcy will entirely eliminate all of your toxic credit card debt and most people file for Chapter 7 for this purpose or to eliminate medical bills.  Not all credit card debt can be automatically discharged however.  There are rules pertaining to charges for luxury goods and cash advances that could affect the dischargeability of some debts.  If you have racked up more than $550 with one creditor within 90 days the charge may be considered non-dischargeable.  Cash advances within 70 days over $925 might also be challenged as well as charges that could be considered fraudulent for their timing, size or general misuse.

However, although a credit card company may challenge a particular charge in court it doesn’t mean you will necessarily be responsible for it.  If you disagree with the challenge the issue will go before the bankruptcy judge to be decided.  If you are underwater with credit card debt and not sure what to expect from the credit card companies consult with an attorney right away.  If you need to argue the dischargeability of a particular debt you do not want go it alone.  Struggling with credit card debt is stressful enough, litigating in Bankruptcy Court is best left to the professionals.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can quickly eliminate mountains of toxic credit card debt to get you back on your feet with a fresh start right away.  It can feel like overnight relief and will be a black and white difference from the life of scrimping and struggling that you are dealing now with because of the toxic credit card debt.  There are of course some consequences to filing for bankruptcy, but if your debt trouble revolves mostly around credit card debt then it is likely the benefits of filing Chapter 7 will far outweigh the consequences.   If you live in New York City and need to learn more about how to instantly get the credit card companies off your back contact the Law offices of William Waldner online or at 212. 244.2882 to arrange a free consultation.  We help all New Yorkers with affordable bankruptcy assistance and have a 99% Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge record as of 8/31/16.

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