Choosing the right New York City Bankruptcy Attorney is like choosing the right doctor. You want an expert in the field of practice for your specific needs. In the case of a law firm and attorneys, you want a firm that dedicates its practice solely to the area of law you need help with. Just as you would not go to a family doctor to have serious neurosurgery done, you would not go to a personal injury attorney to handle your Bankruptcy filing. In your search for a Bankruptcy attorney, you will find many attorneys who seldom file Bankruptcy cases, and are not constantly studying the changes in the ever-changing Bankruptcy law. For this reason, we hope you do not hand your Bankruptcy “fresh start” hopes and dreams for the future over to the lowest bidder, just like you would not risk your life on the operating table to a surgeon just because he gave you the lowest price. Our firm focuses on consumer bankruptcy, and that is why we are able to make sure you can safely get the fresh start that you deserve.

Should I use a paralegal or budget bankruptcy petition preparer?

Paralegals have recently entered into the bankruptcy petition preparation business. They will prepare your petition; then it is up to you to file it, attend the required 341 meeting without counsel, and make amendments to and defend your petition in court as necessary. The problem is that these petition preparers are not licensed in New York to practice law, and have no stake in the outcome of your case. If something goes wrong, you are on your own. According to the NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project at LSNY, approximately 9 out of 10 self-prepared petitions are being dismissed without a discharge. Whenever I file a case, I carefully review every detail and make sure everything is properly filed because I am the one who is responsible for your case, and my license to practice law is on the line. Similarly, many of the lowest bidder attorneys end up having so many clients that you end up being a number, and your case is often rushed. Errors can result this way, and you case can be thrown out, leaving you without the debt relief you need. Similarly, these attorneys often have so many clients that no one, including you, can get them on the phone to discuss your case. At my firm, our rates are very competitive, and we don’t take everyone who walks in the door. For this reason, each client gets the personal attention they deserve.

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