How Can I file Bankruptcy if I Can’t Afford an Attorney in New York City?

People that need to file for bankruptcy in New York often find themselves in quite a pickle.  On the one hand they don’t have enough money to repay their creditors, but on the other hand they need money to pay for a qualified attorney.  For people that are already struggling financially attorney fees can seem expensive, but in the long run the fees are minor compared to the discharge most clients receive when working with the right attorney.  Filing for bankruptcy has become more complicated since the changes to the bankruptcy law in 2005.  The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act added a lot of work to an already intricate process and made the process more expensive for everyone.  As a result we are seeing an increased number of clients coming into our offices that truly need bankruptcy protection but are struggling to find a way to pay for it.

There are various ways to overcome this problem, and many attorneys will also accept payment plans.  However, before making any moves to find a way to pay for your bankruptcy it’s important to speak to an attorney about your situation.  Arrange a free consultation and discuss your financial troubles including your difficulty to pay for the legal services.  Your attorney will review your overall financial circumstances and may be able to advise you on the best way to pay for the bankruptcy you need.  Different cases call for different approaches, but depending on your problems your attorney may recommend anything from using your tax return to reducing certain expenses to finding a temporary job to asking family for help all as ways to find the money you need for bankruptcy.  If you think you will have trouble paying then speaking with an attorney can help you understand your options.  It’s likely they can point out a low stress payment strategy that you could have overlooked.

Worrying about the creditors breathing down your neck is bad enough.  Finding a way to pay for the bankruptcy assistance you need shouldn’t add to the stress.  If you are considering bankruptcy in New York, but aren’t quite sure how you will come up with the money to pay for it contact the Law offices of William Waldner online or at 212.244.2882 for a free consultation.  Bankruptcy is designed to give you a fresh start.  It is not designed to put you into more financial trouble.   As of 9/31/16 we have a 99% Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge record in New York City and we strive to provide affordable bankruptcy assistance for all New Yorkers.


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