Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney New York City

If a creditor is threatening to garnish wages, or is coming to repossess your car or foreclose on your house, you may need to file for bankruptcy protection today. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can file an emergency bankruptcy petition in New York City with only a few quick forms. You can put an immediate stop to any creditor action against you right now- our office can actually file your case in less than 20 minutes from the time we meet. Upon filing you will receive the immediate benefit of bankruptcy’s “automatic stay” which will prevent any further collection attempts against you for the duration of your case. After filing the emergency forms you will have approximately two weeks to work with your attorney to get your detailed financial information to the court.

Many people can feel helpless when they are informed that the New York City marshal is about to start garnishing their wages for a judgment they have against them. If you are hurting financially already you probably can’t afford the garnishment, not to mention it can be embarrassing and possibly career ending to force an employer to comply with marshal’s request. It can be equally frightening to realize that instead of garnishment a creditor may soon try to freeze your bank accounts entirely. If you are already scared of a frozen bank account then the idea of having your car repossessed or your home foreclosed upon should be downright terrifying.

Fortunately, filing bankruptcy in New York City will put an immediate end to any impending or already occurring collection attempts from your creditors. You can stop wage garnishment, un-freeze bank accounts and even get your car back if it has already been repossessed. Bankruptcy will also stop any pending foreclosure proceedings on your home. You can avoid any embarrassing scene with an employer, and will be legally protected from any phone calls, letters, emails or other communications from your creditors.
Your financial situation might be disorganized and confusing. Some of our clients don’t even know who they owe money to. When finances start spinning out of control it can be a real mess, but even the messiest financial emergency will not slow down a qualified attorney. They will be able to file your case on the spot no matter how complex, confusing, or disorganized it may be, and will pull the rest of the necessary financial details without much difficulty on your part. What’s important is to tell us right away that you need to file in an emergency, and how long you think you might have before one of your creditors may try to strike.

If a creditor is about to start making your life miserable, you should start thinking about your rights in New York City. You may be able to avoid bankruptcy, but you should speak to an expert about your options if you have creditor breathing down your neck already. Our law firm maintains a 99% Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge record in New York City as of 8/31/16. Contact the Law Offices of William Waldner online or at 212.244.2882 to arrange a free bankruptcy consultation today.

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