While bankruptcy has a significant impact on your credit score, it is repairable. With time and responsible financial practices, you can improve your creditworthiness. Fortunately, you’ll learn a lot about creating a budget, establishing an emergency fund and demonstrating responsible credit behavior through your credit counseling class, which is part of the bankruptcy process.  


Seeking Professional Guidance: The Importance of Legal Counsel


Navigating the complexities of bankruptcy law requires expertise and knowledge of the legal system. Consulting with a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Brooklyn is highly recommended. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process, ensure compliance with all legal requirements, protect your rights and advocate on your behalf. 


Filing without an attorney (pro se) can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings that can cause your case to be denied. While anyone can technically file for bankruptcy on their own, it’s not recommended, particularly if your case is complicated. 


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Navigating bankruptcy laws can be a challenging process, but things are made easier when you work with the right bankruptcy attorney. To request your free consultation, contact The Law Office of William Waldner. This is the first step to relieving yourself of excessive debt. Our consultations are free and confidential. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically more complex than Chapter 7 because there’s more preparation and maintenance involved. It can take 3 to 5 years to complete your repayment plan, and only then can the rest of your debts be discharged. 


If you prefer to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or you already know that this is what you will qualify for, you’ll definitely want an attorney on your side. A study published by the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal found that only 2 out of every 100 Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are successful without a lawyer. 


Why Do Pro Se Bankruptcy Cases Often Go Wrong? 


Pro se bankruptcy cases fail because of mistakes and misunderstandings that only seasoned attorneys can recognize. Bankruptcy cases require a great deal of skill and expertise. There are many different factors to consider, and the laws vary from state to state. Just one simple mistake can cause your case to be dismissed, which means you’re back to square one. 


Here are some of the most common reasons why pro se bankruptcy cases don’t reach the finish line: 


  • State, federal and local rules and regulations are not followed correctly
  • Inaccurate calculations with the means test 
  • Misunderstandings of statutes of limitations and deadlines 
  • Omitting information about debts or assets
  • Mishandling of creditors who file objections 
  • Audits – your bankruptcy case can be randomly chosen 


Benefits of Working with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Yonkers NY 


If you’re planning to file for bankruptcy, you want to give yourself the best chances for success. A Yonkers bankruptcy attorney will help your case move smoothly through the courts, and you’ll get immediate protection from the creditors with an automatic stay. 


For a free consultation, contact the Law Office of William Waldner. We will look over your case and determine which type of bankruptcy you should file based on your income, assets and debts. We’ll become your strategic partner throughout this process, assisting with filing appropriate court motions, responding to creditor objections, providing supplemental information and more.