Press Coverage featuring William Waldner

William Waldner has been featured in numerous articles in some of the world’s most respected publications as an advocate for personal finance and bankruptcy. This page shows some of the more recent articles featuring William.


Highly Educated and Unemployed? Here’s How to Bounce Back Financially

An advanced degree might boost your earnings, but it can’t protect you entirely from a bad job market. According to a new study, close to 20 percent of those currently unemployed are former high earners with advanced degrees – and many are also still stuck with student loan debt. This new problem is creating what some call a new class of Americans who are “downward financially mobile.” If you’re among this group, here’s what to do to better your situation.

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Money Fix: Keeping holiday spending in check

It’s the time of year when it gets a little crazy — the parties, the presents, and spending like you won’t have to pay the bills in January.

“It’s tempting to give in to impulse purchases — don’t take the bait,” says Mayra DiRico, director of retail banking at Astoria Bank in Lake Success.

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5 Strategies to Dig Out of Student Loan Debt

Mike Dominguez is the first to admit he should have gotten on top of his student loan debt earlier.

“Looking back, I could have done a lot of things different,” says Dominguez, 33, who lives in Austin, Texas, and recently started a business with his father, selling goods and professional services to government entities.

Dominguez has $71,000 in student loan debt from earning an undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin. He hasn’t paid off a dime of his balance yet and cites living too extravagantly in his 20sand taking on low-paying internships as obstacles. But his credit score is still healthy, and he’s still in good standing with his lenders, who have helped him refinance and consolidate and defer the loans. He feels optimistic that he’ll eventually pay the loans off. Someday.

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7 Ways to Convince Debt Collectors to Settle for Less Than What You Owe

Fielding calls from debt collectors may be the least favorite part of your day, but handling them strategically may be the most important thing you do all year. Here’s what to say to get debt collectors to back off and settle for less than what you owe.

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LI Residents Want Foreclosed ‘Zombie Properties’ Out Of Gold Coast Neighborhoods

Many communities are dealing with run down properties, and some are nestled in between multi-million dollar mansions.

In Old Brookville on Long Island’s “Gold Coast,” where pristine properties sell for $2 million and up, one house stands out.

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Dispelling myths about Bankruptcy

There’s such a personal stigma associated with declaring personal bankruptcy, but as William Waldner of Midtown Bankruptcy explains, bankruptcy is an important first step towards regaining financial stability… and most people will never know you filed for it.

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Are You Drinking, Eating and Smoking Your Way Into Debt?

Are you drinking and eating your way into debt? We all know that expensive dinners and drinks add up quickly, but how much are consumables affecting your ability to save?

“If most people were asked the amount of their mortgage or car payment, they’d know it off the top of their head, but if asked how much they spend each month eating out, they’d likely have no idea, or at best offer up only a guess,” says Gail Cunningham, director of media relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

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4 Misconceptions About Personal Bankruptcy: The Not-So-Ugly Truths About Going Chapter 13

While most financial analysts agree the US economy is headed towards recovery, it is still a sobering reality that 1 in 55 households will file for personal bankruptcy this year.

Personal bankruptcy is not only financially crippling, it is also socially stigmatizing – which comes as an additional blow to those already down and out.

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