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How should I invest in the stock market in the recession?

Thanks to Dave Kansas for his article in the Wall Street Journal on August 5, 2011, page C1 entitled “Time to Panic? Just the opposite” Even as stock prices continue to plunge this week it seems that S&P 500 companies are still running strong.  That is, having record years.  While new investment strategies are probably […]

Stocks take a nose dive across the board!!

Thanks to Tom Lauricella from the Wall Street Journal article “Stocks Nose-Dive Amid Global Fears” on page A1, August 5, 2011.   On Thursday August the 4th stocks continued to fall across the board.  This is the worst point for  stocks since the financial crisis of December 2008.  The dow fell over 512 points and […]

Stock markets plummet but gold still increases in value

Thanks to Jason Dean in Beijing, Martin Vaughan in Singapore and Richard Bourdeaux in Moscow  for their August 3, 2011 Wall Street Journal on Page C3 entitled “Central Banks Join Rush to Gold”. In the midst of what appears to be a worldwide recession Central Banks are increasing their gold reserves and relying less on […]