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Can I keep my car in a New York Bankruptcy case?

In New York debtors are allowed to keep 1 car in a chapter 7 Bankruptcy and an unlimited number of cars in a chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Here is how it works.  You are allowed to keep up to $4,000 in equity in a vehicle ($10,000 if it is a handicapped vehicle).  So if your car […]

Are Student Loans Dischargeable In New York Bankruptcy Cases?

In New York City Attorneys typically do have many options regarding dissolving student loans.  In order to discharge student loans through bankruptcy a hardship must be shown.  A totality of the circumstances test must be met.  For instance, if a debtor incurred debts for a college that was not accredited and therefore cannot gain from […]

What does abandonment mean in Bankruptcy?

In a New York City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case there are several events which take place before a debtor receives a discharge.  First a petition is filed and a 341 meeting of creditors is held.  At this meeting the Trustee will review all of the assets and liabilities of the estate and decide whether there […]

Who does not need to complete the means test for Bankruptcy in NYC?

In New York City and the entire United States for that matter all debtors are required to complete the “Statement of Current monthly income and means-test calculation” form. However, disabled veterans and non-consumer debtors are not required to complete the entire means test form.  Instead they check a box in part 1 of the statement […]

Are Domestic Support Obligations discharged in Bankruptcy?

The general answer to this question is no.  In both Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy cases courts have ruled that domestic support obligations must still be paid.  However there is an exception.  If the obligation has been assigned to someone other than a governmental unit then it can still be discharged.  Similarly, if there was […]

New York City Bankruptcy Attorney–Erase Debt Now!!

New York City Bankruptcy Attorney Many people are under the false impression that Bankruptcy is a scary process that should be avoided at all costs.  However, with the failing economy and higher amounts of debt that individuals are holding it might be the smartest thing you can do.  Often people wait until it is too […]

Manhattan Bankruptcy Attorney / Need Debt Relief?

Hello my name is William Waldner and my office is located in Midtown Manhattan.  We offer free in-depth consultations and are conveniently located 1 block north of Macy’s on 7th avenue.  You may be able to get rid of all of your debts and get a fresh start through bankruptcy.  To find out more please […]

Objecting to a Bankruptcy Discharge

There are several different grounds to object to a bankruptcy discharge such as, Destruction, Transfer or concealment of property, the debtor is not an individual (corporations cannot get a discharge), any unjustified failure to keep financial books or records, Dishonesty in connection with the case, Refusal to obey a court order and a prior discharge […]

What is the Discharge hearing for bankruptcy in Manhattan?

The last step in a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy case is a discharge hearing.  This is where a judge finalizes the estate as settled and releases the debtor of his/her dischargeable debts.  Certain debts like, certain taxes, domestic support debt, fines and penalties owed to the government, student loans and various other debts will […]