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  • Before I decided to file for bankrutpcy I called a debt consolidation company and paid thousands of dollars for a year. Well, they did not settle any of my credit cards and here I am today! To make things worse I was worried about loosing my home. Mr. Waldner got me in touch with his appraiser and it turned out that I was able to keep my house. Actually I did not give up anything because I guess he was able to use an alternate form of “exemptions” that allowed me to keep all of my valuables. Mr. Waldner was referred to me by a close friend who filed for bankruptcy some time ago and I really am happy I made this decision and filed with Mr. Waldner’s office

    Mary, a Chapter 7 client
  • Mr. Waldner is not only competent and professional, but also very responsive. I feel he has my best interest at heart. I appreciate the explanations and alternatives he lays out.

    John, a Bankruptcy client
  • I was referred to the Law Office of William Waldner by an attorney friend. He reviewed my situation and explained to me that I did not pass the means test and therefore I could not qualify for bankruptcy. He explained that I just needed to challenge the lawsuit against me (brought by a credit card company) because they did not serve me properly. I did this and the case was dropped and I now do not owe on the debt that was concerning me. I also incurred no legal fees through the process. Rarely have I encountered honest attorneys’ but this is definitely one of the good ones!

    Dan, a Chapter 7 client