Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

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Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

As a victim of a severe injury due to the negligence or the carelessness of another, you must contact a Louisville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. We, at the Winton Hiestand Law Group, can provide all the legal help you need. Contact us right away and set up a free initial consultation for any accidental injury suffered in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio or Illinois, and we can get you help with legal representation in any other state.

What is a personal injury?

Physical injuries, the psychological and emotional suffering caused by an accident or injury, and even the death of a loved one, all fall under personal injury if caused by negligence, faulty construction, medical malpractice or other careless behavior.

Our firm specializes in:

– Car, motorcycle and trailer accidents (including drunk driving, hit and run accidents, rear collisions or pedestrian accidents);

– Premises liability (slips and falls);

– Wrongful death resulting from medical malpractice, car accidents, construction site accidents, or faulty products.

We can also represent you in dram shop and social host liability cases that is accidents or injuries caused by someone intoxicated. Those who sold or provided them alcohol are liable for damages. 

The role of a personal injury lawyer

Our team of dedicated legal professionals will consider all the facts, examine your medical records and other relevant documents, and assist you in the fight against insurance companies and their lawyers.

We will investigate your case using our highly-efficient methods, act as your advocates all along, and guide you throughout the complex legal process. You don’t have to suffer all the emotional and financial burden alone.

You must contact a knowledgeable Louisville personal injury lawyer, even if you are not sure you have a case.

When do I need to contact a lawyer?

Right away. There are often time limits for bringing lawsuits in personal injury cases, so it is imperative for you to contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible, to make sure you don’t forfeit your rights to the compensation you deserve.

Also, our firm can help you with finding and getting access to highly-qualified doctors, as excellent medical care is essential for your short and long term recovery. If you need a personal lawyer right now, contact us, and we’ll go over the details with you asap!

How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?

The process can last anywhere between six months and one year, although there are cases that get settled in two-three years, which is why you must act immediately. A Louisville personal injury lawyer of our dedicated team will assist you in recovering the maximum of damages you deserve for your suffering.

We help our clients to recover damages for lost wages through PIP (Personal Injury Protection), which covers the first $10,000 of your medical bills and lost wages and all other available sources of such compensation. Contact us, at Winton Hiestand Law Group, as soon as possible after a serious accident, and we’ll explain more at your initial free consultation.

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Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

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