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Garrett Ogata is a dedicated trial lawyer in Las Vegas who can bring the representation you deserve to the table. Do not risk letting an overworked public defender take on your case, use a seasoned veteran to protect your time and health.

Who is Garret Ogata?

Las Vegas attorney Garrett T. Ogata is a dedicated lawyer with years of experience. Victories in cases ranging from DUI charges to theft and drugs give him an edge in court.

Ogata graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore before making his mark in Las Vegas as a legal clerk in Clark county. His law firm started serving the local area in 2011 and quickly started to achieve results.

Why should I use a private attorney?

A private attorney offers you a chance to be heard. Due to an abnormally high case load, public defenders often rely on instinct instead of fact to run a case.

A licensed attorney in Las Vegas dedicates time and resources on a case-by-case basis, finding witnesses, reviewing documents, and finding inconsistencies that help you keep as much time as possible. Our success rates in court are 75 percent compared with 25 percent for public defenders.

DUI defense in Las Vegas

A DUI is life-altering and while you may be in the wrong, you should be able to afford your life. A felony charge is devastating, limiting access to employment while pushing you into a more desperate situation.

Garett Ogata can help reduce your charges to something more manageable. As recently as 2020, his law office reduced a DUI charge to reckless driving, giving the driver a chance to recover without suffering from the consequences of a prison sentence.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

An injury is nearly as damaging as a felony. The injured party may be extremely confined, straining financial resources while producing medical bills that you must pay.

We strive to help both parties come to an agreeable solution and will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. Get back on your feet without too much pain and suffering.

Can I afford a licensed attorney in Las Vegas?

A private lawyer increases your chances of success. Public defenders are overburdened, and self-representation almost never works.

The cost of a felony or injury is much larger than the cost of a lawyer. Opportunity loss is real. We work with people from many walks of life depending on our time constraints, so a consultation is always a wise decision.

Best attorney in Las Vegas

The best attorneys in Las Vegas have a proven track record. Garrett Ogata established himself over a long career spanning more than a decade with dozens of victories in many different types of criminal law.

Whether you were charged with a DUI, are facing arraignment, or suffering from an injury, he can help you. Your time is valuable, and you should be able to make the most of it.

Get in touch with our law offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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