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With over 50 years of experience, Cole Paschall Law is a leading law firm in Texas. Shawn W. Paschall is a highly acclaimed drug possession attorney in Fort Worth with an impeccable track record and numerous positive reviews from past clients. Here are the top reasons why you need an attorney for drug possession charges:

1. Has an in-depth understanding of the judicial system 

Fort worth drug possession lawyers and law firms possess a thorough understanding of how the judicial system works. Working with an experienced Fort Worth drug charge lawyer can help you understand the court system’s intricate workings clearly and receive reliable guidance through the litigation process. Our attorney, Shawn Paschall, provides a free step-by-step guide to clients on what to expect in their criminal case during their initial free consultation session.

2. Experienced in handling cases similar to your

Different attorneys specialize in diverse areas of criminal law. Hiring the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in drug possession charges will ensure the best possible case outcome. Ranked as the best Fort Worth drug crimes lawyer, Shawn Paschall paints a bright picture to his clients of the penalties they will face for their charges and how he can help with their case. Besides, our attorney offers legal advice on when to take a plea deal from prosecutors and when to fight the criminal charges in court. Shawn has an in-depth knowledge of how the judges in Fort Worth punish drug possession crimes and can take the best approach to dismiss or reduce your charges.

3. Handles discussions with the prosecution

Defense attorneys, in general, have lots of connections with their counterparts in the prosecution office. Our Fort Worth drug possession attorney has excellent ties with some prosecution attorneys, which leads to a better experience for all parties involved. Our attorney can negotiate a better plea deal and reduce your charges and penalties.

4. Has your best interest at heart and will protect your future

An experienced drug possession lawyer in Fort Worth, TX, can fight for you and protect your future. A criminal defense lawyer can get your charges and penalties reduced or get your case dismissed. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help you keep a felony off your criminal record, which can safeguard your current and future career prospects. A conviction can drastically impact your life, which is why hiring an attorney is your best bet at minimizing the unpleasant consequences of your criminal charges.

5. It helps you save costs

Hiring an experienced attorney may be pricey, but they can save you your job and protect you from losing your professional license. By dismissing your case or reducing your charges, an attorney can safeguard you from losing your career, avoiding the resulting financial strain in the process.

Get in touch with Cole Paschall Law for a free consultation; call 817-477-4100. As the #1 drug possession attorney in Fort Worth, Shawn W. Paschall is an astute criminal defense lawyer with exceptional communication and negotiation skills. Call us today to discuss your case’s prospects with our professionals.

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