Divorce Arbitration Ontario

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Divorce Arbitration Ontario

The natural reaction to conflict is to label the opposition a threat and assume that the argument is impossible to solve. The result is a murky environment of conflict that perpetuates even more fights. The truth is that each one of us is on a mission of self-preservation. It is natural to disagree and fall into grey areas that need legal interventions. A common conflict issue is a divorce.

People going through divorce detest the time consuming and expensive process of sighting disputes with several legal contributors. Some people will prefer Ontario mediation and divorce solutions in comparison to the usual divorce procedure.

What is arbitration?

Divorve arbitration in Ontario is the less formal process of divorce. The spouse must agree to go through the arbitration process. The arbitrator is usually a third party who acts as the court judge in hearing out both sides. Therefore, it is only natural that you both agree on an arbitrator to handle specific sensitive issues.

Benefits of arbitration


The arbitrator chooses the time and place for you and your spouse to begin the process. It is a faster process because you are not within the time confinements of a standard court timeline. It is possible to cut the time you would spend in a court by almost half. The arbitration process does not have room for appeals. The sense of finality gives real motivation to accept the final results as accurate to move forward quickly.

Flexible rules

Arbitration is highly dependent on the agreement between the two spouses. Both of you have the opportunity to guide the procedure in specific directions while eliminating the unforgiving rules of a courtroom.

Little paperwork

Plenty of arbitration happens in our private encounters. We offer a sense of finality and peace without needing to complete stacks of paperwork. The process expedites the documentation by only including a couple of papers to facilitate the procedure.


The arbitration process is more affordable than paying for the arbitrator. It would help if you had an attorney who will work a legal divorce case for months or years while receiving full payment. Arbitration sets the limit on how long to carry one the process and the budgetary limitations.

Best time to choose arbitration

It is impossible to force the spouse through family mediation in Ontario. We can only do so much to reach a final decision that benefits you and the spouse, such as seeking consultation before it gets ugly. It is advisable to maintain an unbiased attitude while talking to the arbitrator to sustain an entirely fair legal process for all involved resources and parties.


Treat the Ontario divorce arbitration process as seriously as you would the real divorce. We may need an outline of evidence to help the case and ease possible complications. The advisable list of questions includes the following:

  • What happens if my spouse is against the process?
  • Can I seek further arbitration after the final decision?
  • What information should I bring to the consultation process?

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Divorce Arbitration Ontario

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