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Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Broward County

When you need the best criminal defense attorney in Broward County, you need to contact RC Enterprise Law. RC Enterprise Law is home to some of the best criminal defense lawyers in South Florida. We have lawyers at our law firm who practice and specialize in a wide range of criminal law. When you factor in the affordable prices that we charge our clients with the top-notch legal services provided by our experienced criminal defense lawyers, you get the best legal defense from RC Enterprise Law every time!

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney from RC Enterprise Law?

The best time to contact us is right away – as soon as you get arrested or charged with a crime. The sooner you hire a lawyer for criminal defense, the sooner we can acclimate ourselves to your case. We can help you avoid costly mistakes in the early stages of your case and make sure that your constitutional rights are upheld at every phase of the criminal justice process.

When you hire a criminal defense attorney from RC Enterprise Law you’ll have a trial lawyer who is savvy in the courtroom and not afraid to do battle. Our criminal defense lawyers behave ethically and conduct themselves tactfully at all times but also know how to be firm and assertive when necessary.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if I’m Guilty?

When going to trial, many of our clients prefer to opt for a plea bargain agreement rather than tempting fate and leaving their freedom in the judge’s hands. In the majority of cases, the prosecutor will offer an agreement for a plead of guilty. This saves the prosecution money, time, and resources. Of course, the downside is that you’ll have a guilty plead, which is the same as a guilty conviction that may stay on your record.

Largely, because our relationships and presence in the criminal justice halls of Broward County, we can typically get our client exceptional deals that they would never get on their own. This may include suspended sentences, portions of sentences suspended, probation, community service, and minimum sentences.

What You Should Know

When it comes to plea bargain agreements or sentencing after trial, there are a number of factors that the judge and prosecution will take into consideration. First, they’re going to look at the seriousness of the charge. Then, they’re going to look at your criminal record and age. They’re going to analyze the evidence and circumstances surrounding your current case. If you have no criminal background or a very limited criminal background, in most instances, barring aggravating circumstances, the judges tend to be more lenient. What they don’t like are repeat offenders or habitual offenders – especially when people keep committing the same crimes over and over again.

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At any rate, RC Enterprise Law will guide you at every turn, giving you reliable, expert legal advice when you need it most. When we give advice, you can take it to the bank! Contact us for the best criminal defense attorney in Broward County.

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Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Broward County

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