Bankruptcy Lawyers In New York

The best bankruptcy lawyers in New York are located at the Law Office of William W. Waldner. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t anything to be ashamed of, even though you might feel like you are giving up. Sometimes, it is crucial to know when to bow out gracefully. Believe it or not, there are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy in New York. Anyone who feels that bankruptcy is a path they want to explore should hire a New York bankruptcy attorney, like William Waldner.

5 Reasons to Choose the Law Office of William W. Waldner

With William Waldner as your NYC bankruptcy attorney, you can enjoy professional care that is compassionate and efficient. This is just one of the many reasons why clients feel at ease putting their Chapter 13 or Chapter 17 bankruptcy cases in his hands.

  1. Distinguished – William Waldner is one of the most prestigious and renowned New York bankruptcy lawyers. His financial authority has been showcased in U.S. News, CBS New York, and The Street. The press has featured the legal skills of Mr. Waldner in several media publications.
  2. Experience – Mr. Waldner has built his reputable NY bankruptcy law firm from the ground up. Equipped with ten years of legal experience, Mr. Waldner has created an impressive reputation as a service provider. The Law Office of William W. Waldner has aided with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 legal cases.
  3. Accredited Business – The Law Office of William W. Waldner is a business that is highly accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The law firm is highly rated by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. When filing for bankruptcy in New York, clients can trust the outcome of their case with Mr. Waldner.
  4. Guidance – The guidance you can receive from the Law Office of William W. Waldner can change your financial future for the better. The legal services offered by Mr. Waldner cannot solve all of your financial problems, but they can help you stop collection proceedings while protecting your personal property and assets. As one of the top bankruptcy lawyers in New York, Mr. Waldner can provide educated advice and real time results. Clients who are unsure about which type of bankruptcy is right for them will find the tips offered by Mr. Waldner to be just what they need.
  5. Representation – As your legal representative, Mr. Waldner can speak with your creditors on your behalf. While he will not make any decisions without prior authorization, he can negotiate terms regarding your financial future. You will always have someone standing up for your rights when you turn to the Law Office of William W. Waldner.

Free Bankruptcy Case Evaluation and Consultation

For a free bankruptcy consultation with a trained professional, you can reach out to the Law Office of William W. Waldner by clicking here, or you can call (212)-244-2882 to schedule an appointment. The consultation is free of any pressure or obligation! Clients with questions can also make contact via email at [email protected].