Bankruptcy vs Debt Management Plan: What’s Best for Your Circumstances?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision. Even if you’re aware that it’s in your best interests to speak with a Brooklyn bankruptcy lawyer, you might still be hesitant because of the stigma and potential long-term consequences. As a result, you might be looking into a debt management plan instead.  If you are struggling to […]

Debt Collectors Can Soon Contact You By Email, Text or Social Media

The COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll on Americans. Not only is it affecting the mental and physical health of American adults, teens and children, but also it’s making it difficult for people to pay their bills. Over 70 million people have bills in collections and nearly 32% have collections accounts on their credit reports.  […]

Wage garnishment in New York

Wage garnishment in New York happens when a court orders your employer to withhold a specific amount of money from your paycheck and have it sent directly to the creditor you owe money to. There are many reasons why people have their wages garnished, though some of the most common include child support, consumer debts […]